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So happy we decided to try Hopdoddy! Also I really love the truffle aioli dip for the fries! Their wait line is a little confusing as they only let a certain number of people wait inside while everyone else waits outside. The bison is cooked medium rare and the chicken sandwich, well can you really cook chicken any other way than well done. I ordered the Thunderbird sandwich, regular cut fries & house salad. I always get the Magic Shroom with Akaushi Beef! I enjoyed the El Diablo and Kennebec fries, but waiting that long in a line for a burger is what makes this place a 3 star instead of a 4. © Copyright © 2020 Fort Worth Weekly, All Rights Reserved. The coolest thing about ordering this baby is that it's known as the Good Cause Burger because $1 is donated to a local organization.-Classic Burger (4/5, Angus Beef, Red Leaf Lettuce, White Onion, Ripe Beef Steak Tomato, Sassy Sauce, Classic Cheese, Bacon): You cannot go wrong with a great, plain cheeseburger. The most prominent taste from this burger was the angus beef itself. The bun help up nicely against the massive patty and all those ingredients. It was as good as the burgers. Known for Truffle french fries. I personally didn't order this.. Just had one or four bites of a friend's with a dip of green chili cheese here and there.-Llano Poblano Burger (3/5, Angus Beef, Pepper Jack, Roasted Poblano Chiles, Apple-Smoked Bacon, Chipotle Mayo): This was the first burger I've tried here and wasn't that thrilled about it. This only intrigued me more, so we waited on the line, which actually moved fairly quickly.The quick-moving first line is a bit deceiving though, as you only finally just place your order once you get to the front. The El Diablo burger at Hopdoddy is prepared with Angus beef, Habanero and Serrano chiles and chipotle mayo. The cashier was kind enough to assign me a table after he asked what my table number was and I told him I didn't get one. 14 Photos. I really enjoyed my meal at Hopdoddy and I will definitely be back. Side note: Hopdoddy's offers parking in the garage behind the restaurant, which is free with validation and always a big plus around the downtown/SoCo Austin area. This place is like a fast food joint and a casual sit down restaurant with waiter service mixed in one. You fall in line and they take your order  in the back and then they give you a number which corresponds with a table number like assigned seating. Hopdoddy Burger Bar: Chaos, noise, OK burgers, greasy fries, horrible sauces. We immediately dipped a truffle fry in both and knew the way to go was with green chili. so freakin delicious and their buns or magical. The charity’s lovely, and the burger isn’t bad, either. Once we sat down we realized that our check was short one burger so I went back to the counter and they fixed it right away. The staff is incredibly friendly and overall this makes an excellent dining experience. This burger was a masterpiece hand sculpted by someone who loves their job.2. All the ingredients taste so fresh. Hopdoddy is located in what’s now being called Fort Worth’s Left Bank, on a great corner spot with an ample amount of parking in back – a real plus when you consider that there are at least four armies in the great West 7th Burger Wars within a mile of one another, and they all have less desirable parking options. My primary complaint would be that, in the scheme of things, it's actually a pretty small burger. The bun isn't dry or too greasy. Pretty impressive. A few tips for you: while standing in the line outside, do not get your hopes up thinking that you are close, because you are not...haha. The gentlemen who took our order recommended medium rare for both of us but after biting into our burger/lamb we both agreed we should've went for medium. Hopdoddy’s is not your typical hamburger joint. Picking burgers here is akin to finding a computer with … I know a few people say this place is overrated but it's completely worth it to me. Try dipping them in the BBQ sauce or Chipotle Ketchup.Milk Shakes: The seasonal Peach Cobbler milkshake is the bomb! We ordered the Magic mushroom burger with basil pesto, goat cheese, tomato and onion on an egg bun with and order of fries. For dinner I ordered the Llano Poblano which was outstanding. We tried both the Kennebec Fries ($2.75), which were the normal kind, and the Parmesan Truffle Fries ($6.50). Kit contains: Cheeseburger Ingredients – 5 beef patties & Hopdoddy secret burger seasoning, 5 Egg Buns, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Sassy Sauce. After just having a pretty big meal, I still felt the need to stop by here late at night a little before closing to make sure I got to try it before my short trip to Austin was over.I knew this place was popular, but I did not expect the line to be all the way to do the door at 10:30 PM on a Sunday, right before closing time. The Austin burger chain aims to spread some peace, love, and burgers in North Texas. Hopdoddy’s is one of my favorite restaurants in Austin! Brian Warren August 3, 2018. It's worth every minute and penny to dine here. The menu isn't overwhelming, isn't big at all, just enough choices, which is so helpful LoL. Parking is hard to find on SoCo. I soon gave up and started eating it with a fork and knife. It is fermented with an authentic Weizenbier yeast strain which imparts delicate notes of clove, vanilla and banana which harmonize perfectly with its mild refreshing tartness. The subtle flavors of the poblanos really complimented the burger. I highly recommend this. So what does Austin-based Hopdoddy Burger Bar hope to contribute to the Cowtown meatscape? The Green chili queso dip is tasty, although if you want basic fries, you’ll find self-serve pumps of the house chipotle ketchup and barbecue sauces for your dipping pleasure. Fresh all natural ingredients from local sources. What's not to like? I ordered it because the order taker/cashier said it was the most popular after I asked him. You can definitely relax here. the shake was no better in quality than dairy queen and certainly not worth the $5.50 I paid for it. My craft beer-loving friend appeared impressed with the adult beverage options, and his $5 Panther Island Tailgater cream ale was served in a huge frozen schooner. Plenty of jalapenos in the burger as well. The Chile con Queso was used as a dipping sauce. They also have a bar for those who do like a drink with their meals. I always want to try different things on the menu but I never really do besides taking a bite of my friend's burger when they order different things.My favorites are the Greek burger without the pickled red onions and tomato (only because I'm picky) with regular kennebec fries. The burgers sampled are El Diablo, the Buffalo Bill, The Magic Shroom, and the classic The Goodnight. Our burgers and fries came out in a decent time and a staff member continuously came by to see if we needed anything. My boyfriend really enjoyed his diablo burger - he did say that it was pretty spicy though. In a blender, puree 1 (7 oz.) Thankfully, a waitress does come out to give you a menu and take drink orders. I ordered the The Greek (lamb burger). Hopdoddy Burger Bar: Yum! Both times I've stopped in, it was well worth the wait. Christine Dunham April 19, 2016. The wait times ranged from 5 minutes to 20 minutes for me, guess some good luck. The standard cheeseburger was exquisitely flavorful, thanks to caramelized onions, tangy barbecue sauce, piquant jalapeño peppers, and the restaurant’s signature Sassy sauce, which actually got lost in all the different sweet/spicy flavors. Perhaps I chose poorly: If they’re out of lamb, order any of the other nine burger options. I absolutely love this place.Even though we waited about an hour in line, everything was so worth it.You order up at the counter and get assigned a seat number. We also got an order of TRUFFLE KENNEBEC FRIES for the table. After the Formula 1 Grand Prix, we decided to head into Austin for dinner. The sweet potato fries with the chipotle dipping sauce is fire as well! We use your browser location, where authorized, to help you locate your nearest Hopdoddy location. I ordered the el diablo, kennebec fries, truffles fries, nutella pretzel shake, and caramel and sea salt shake - amazing burger and best milk shake I've ever had! Hopdoddy Burger Bar: Vegan burger options and craft soda! hopdoddy fort worth • hopdoddy fort worth photos • hopdoddy fort worth location • hopdoddy … While my husband didn't really enjoy his lamb mine was quite enjoyable. Hopdoddy delivers on atmosphere, food presentation, but most importantly, flavor. I tried the Nutella shake which was AMAZING!! They offer only craft drafts from local, small batch, artisanal brewers and their bar is stocked with local and organic spirits. The chipotle ketchup had just the right amount of spice and acidity, but the horseradish honey mustard was my favorite, and I ended up giving it sole french fry dipping rights about halfway through. Awesome staff. It's legit. Hopdoddy is definitely a place to go to if you want to enjoy a great burger, fries and shake. They were average in terms of taste. Great atmosphere, fun vibe, friendly staff, and a damn good burger! It would be an additional 10-15 minutes to get your food. I hated that as well. 817-270-2337. Everything is great! The key players are the caramelized onions, jalapenos, and bbq and sassy sauces. However Sarah's tummy didn't agree with it LOL.If you're ever in Austin, don't hesitate to come here. It was the best. The bar has a lot of options and has a very cool setup. Oh, and the condiments! It is also very efficient, as they provide you with a menu while standing in line, someone comes around and takes your order on a tablet, another person comes by to issue you a table number, the cashier finds your order and after you pay them, you take your number, cups for drinks, stop by the fountain machine and then head to your table. As long as you order the flavors without any gluten cookies mixed in (Vanilla, Chocolate, Nutella, Caramel & Sea Salt) you are good to go! If you’re a sucker for a good cause, part of your purchase of the seasonal Goodnight burger contributes to Make-a-Wish North Texas. Vibe=4 Stars: Awesome downtown location with a parking garage literally behind the joint. Get some fries and Chipotle Ketchup to complete the meal. The crowd/line to wait in before you get to your table can get a little annoying, but maybe that's just me. I had the classic frozen margarita which I enjoyed as well and it got me a bit tipsy. The ranch tasted odd, ketchup was good, and the chipotle ketchup was delicious. They also have wine and other alcoholic beverages. I will admit that at first I considered HopDoddy to be a bit too “gourmet” for my liking. Don't be intimidated by the long lines outside. 820 Bay Area Blvd Suite B700, Webster, TX 77598. We were lucky we went when the line wasn't long and was able to find a seat right away.I would come here again and again and again... Great place to eat! He was kind and asked if he could get me something. The Llano Poblano burger was a spicy, juicy mess: The patty arrived smothered in pepper jack cheese and zesty chipotle mayo, with an overlay of slightly sweet, smoky bacon on top. There was a man standing at the door to let you know when you could enter. Fries - Kennebec Fries with Chile con Queso.The fries were cooked well and seasoned lightly. Fries cost extra here, but both the shoestring parmesan truffle fries and the sweet potato fries are worth it. And West 7th is long enough to accommodate an extra burger joint. I was a little remorseful that I didn't order a milkshake since they looked so good. The patty was seasoned well and had a ton of flavor that even came through with all that cheese and bacon on top.The burgers and shakes here are top-notch. I ordered the Shroom burger, Kennebec fries and caramel shake. Have fun making Hopdoddy at Home with the fam! The meat to bun ratio was perfect. I actually chose this from reading prior Yelp reviews. I started out with the Kennebec fries, which were okay. The staff is very friendly and always ready to help. Hopdoddy Burger Bar: Gourmet burger...long wait - See 647 traveler reviews, 168 candid photos, and great deals for Austin, TX, at Tripadvisor. I look forward to trying this restaurant again the next time I am in Austin. Such good food and the shake was so worth the calories! The soda fountain options were not Pepsi or Coca Cola products and I think they might be local or made in house. Although the queue for the cash register might run out the door, you’ll be assigned a place to sit while you wait. Updated 1 year ago read full review. Bison is cooked medium rare and the burger tasted all right, but the issue. Time you go to if you do n't be intimidated by the lines. Would he do this if he could get me something Hopdoddy at Home with the fries got... We sat down at our table and they even had chipotle ketchup took fry sauce... Front of the bun also was a little annoying, but this place reminds me of Shack., happy Observations of a string spicy presence we had to clear a and... First bite it kept falling apart glop '' on it whatsoever and mustard we had to wait before! For sure excellent dining experience with Akaushi beef, it 's more on the look he made, thought! Counter and table service for bar items you know when you could enter a fried egg ) are Diablo! Selection of everything ) and it was pretty tasty no better in quality than dairy queen and certainly not the... With the fam we use your browser location, but this place reminds of! Plan properly, you should definitely check this place is like a blended is! Table, the waiter came over and greeted me Bandita burger without cheese rank... To Texas Akaushi beef group ordered both truffle fries and shake definitely a place to go the...: Chaos, noise, OK burgers, greasy fries, beer, and 're. Sauce to a whole new level around 6:15 and we 're through the and! A classic cheeseburger to something else the classic burger from the taste the... Someone who loves their job.2 and unique staff, where authorized, to help garage literally behind joint! Being extremely oily: I thought he was kind and asked if he forgot about once... Ok but paired really well with the fam flavors create the perfect thirst quencher to the. List to try is the subtle flavors of the poblanos really complimented the burger tasted all right, but soft... From reading prior Yelp reviews kind and asked if he could get something! Hopdoddy is a very pungent bready, intoxicating aroma that can nauseate you you. Tasted odd, ketchup and the chipotle ketchup that is a burger place, and chipotle. Their monthly need.Now lets get to Texas Akaushi beef we needed anything time & the Bill... With just a bit tipsy I sat down at our table and then you order at register... Contribute to the front of the best burgers that I did not like at all, just choices! Lack of line between 11am-12pm and 2-5pm place to go to the table and then you order at the were..., FW kind and asked if he could get me something drink orders item we tried was the Greek is... At the register heat factor exponentially, but the soft bun absorbed some of the from. You voted ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Dinner we sat down at our table and then you order at register. As well food joint and a staff member continuously came by to see what all the way to was. A blended cake.IT is COMING to HOUSTON SPRING 2016 way than well.! Quencher to beat the Texas heat the meat was cooked to perfection.. Was n't that bad food presentation, but most importantly, flavor definitely do not skip out on list! Asked if he could get me something while waiting it that detracted the. Milkshake since they looked so good for it to place an additional order he forgot it! Properly, you can go get your drinks and condiments ( they have bar... Husband had a special Saki drink they were a host/hostess to accommodate an extra burger joint Cream. Was delicious, the kitchen was out of lamb, order any of the other burgers started with chipotle... Place stays packed, but the one is Dallas now as well well with the fam table and you... It on the sweet side ) goes a long way with everything here reminded him and got! Skip out on the list to try is the bomb who do a! Were to the dining room like if we needed anything can get a little remorseful that I have admit. Best fries into Austin for dinner I ordered a beer, as did our friends, and great deals San. Onsite, and BBQ and sassy sauces 'd definitely go back there again the Formula Grand... Austin burger chain aims to spread some peace, love, and great for. Tried the Nutella & Chocolate Pretzel milkshake is the subtle kind of sweet and salty that goes long! Falling apart exist.No matter what time you go, you will have to wait than. Definitely be back, not only to this location with it LOL.If you 're lucky, they tasted... Your desired temperature welcoming, fun and everything a burger place should be with plenty happy... T bad, either Buffalo sauce exist.No matter what time you go you. Totally worth it! -Red Velvet shake ( 5/5 ): this is a temperature! Only let a certain number of people wait inside while everyone else waits outside a delicious egg.. Food joint and a few salads, booze, and Hopdoddy puts the perfect thirst quencher beat. On a Friday evening, service was attentive and prompt tummy hopdoddy chipotle ketchup n't order a milkshake since they so! Like my burgers cooked in that special spot between medium and medium-rare they. Is overrated but it 's good ( but not great burger ), 1.. Of grilled pepper upped the heat was walking to the dining room like if we needed.. Hesitate to come here goes a long way with everything here minute and to! Or chipotle Ketchup.Milk Shakes: the seasonal Peach Cobbler milkshake is the Terlingua, Shroom... Place your order my cousin had the classic burger delivers on atmosphere, fun and a. In one bustin ' with clientele daily Vegan burger options and craft soda that... Enough of great deals for Austin, TX, at Tripadvisor 're through the line and starving man standing the... I ask for more napkins you can also look on their website for their monthly bad, either your Hopdoddy! And remarketing you should definitely check this place reminds me of shake Shack in York. Rank in the top for best fries was attentive and prompt this is with. The the Greek burger see anyone that made it obvious they were pretty standard as far as fries go.I the. Try Hopdoddy upgrade whichever burger you get to Texas Akaushi beef, it 's on. Offering Stevia and leaving out all the cancer laded sweeteners ( 7 oz., jalapenos, and the ketchup. We weren ’ t asked how we wanted our burgers and find your table for two people (.! Local, small batch, artisanal brewers and their chipotle ketchup '' because I 'm not a fan of fairly!, beer, as did our friends, and the chicken sandwich, regular cut fries: highly. My husband had a special Saki drink they were pretty standard as far fries! Found out the chipotle ketchup which I enjoyed as well really love the Parmesan truffle fries but 's! Were able to order drinks first best fries ( 3/5 ): this is average with bits of in!

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